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Agricultural retailers are operating in a changing landscape. Join us at our 5th annual conference as we dive into some of the drivers of change affecting retailers. The sessions will address a wide range of topics including showcasing the latest in Merchant Ag and FieldAlytics features. Whether you are an existing partner who knows us well and wants to advance your knowledge or someone simply interested in stepping up your game in terms of ag technology, I hope you’ll make plans to joins us.

If you work in the supply chain to serve a grower and want to help your organization improve its relevance with those customers, then this conference is for you and I invite you to attend.

Welcome & Drivers of Change Introduction

Ernie Chappell, C.E.O & Founder, EFC Systems


Interview with Ron Farrell, President of Farrell Growth Group

Paul Schrimpf, Executive Editor, Precision Ag Media


Working for Retailers in Washington– Daren Coppock, President, Ag Retailers Association

Agricultural retailers today are not alone in their efforts to keep up with the changing retail channel and have help in Washington. In this session you’ll learn more about how work to help agricultural retailers is benefiting the entire channel.


The Thing About Work – Showing up and other important Matters

Rich Moran – President, Menlo College


Technology is Changing Our World

Teddy Bekele – Vice President Information Technology – Winfield United

This session will explore the most recent technology trends that are affecting our daily lives. The presenter will cover some of the most popular and unique apps used the average consumer and conclude with a view into how the same technology trends are impacting agriculture.


Retailer of the Future Panel

Terry Kelley – Customer Relations Officer at Tennessee Farmers Cooperative

Joey Caldwell – General Manager, Tipton Farmers Co-operative

Dr. Dave Muth – Co-Founder, AgSolver

Jeremy Wilson, Crop IMS


Employee Strengths Make Your Company Stronger

Mark Waschek – Vice President, Agronomy at Ag 1 Source

People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.   What leaders do with this insight has a significant impact on their effectiveness as a manager,  and the ability of the company to reach higher levels of performance, profit, and productivity.  This session will share simple steps to improve communication, enhance performance, and increase engagement for your entire organization.


Staying Two Steps Ahead — Helping you and your growers with regulatory compliance through technology

Liz Magill – President, CDMS


Call to action and the road ahead

Ernie Chappell, President & Founder, EFC Systems

As we close out the conference we’ll review what you can do to be a proactive “Driver of Change” to ensure and increase your relevance with your grower customers. You’ll also hear more about the EFC Systems’ vision and plans for helping organizations with the technology aspects of this change.

Using Field Data to Drive Nitrogen Performance                                                                                         

Greg Levow – President & C.O.O. – Adapt-N, by Agronomic Technology Corp

In this session retailers will gain insight on how to drive growers’ nitrogen performance while also driving a higher margin mix of product sales and service opportunities.  Adapt-N is fully integrated into FieldAlytics, enabling users to generate powerful weather-adjusted nitrogen prescriptions, leveraging familiar workflows and field data already on file.


Enhancing customer engagement with remote sensing

Nick Ohrtman – Global Product Manager, GEOSYS

Every day plants in the field are sharing information about their health. With the support of remote sensing technology, you can use that information to better engage your customers and provide better decision support throughout the growing season.


Navigating through times with increasing weather volatility

Chris Whittinghill – Director of National Agronomy, DTN, Inc.

This session will review some of the documented facts around increased weather volatility in the past decade, and the choices that are available when making weather-related decisions. Emphasis will be placed on premium on-farm  weather data sensors & technologies that improve forecast reliability/data integrity.


Connecting the Field to the Office                                                                  

In this session, learn how advancements across the mobile platforms has allowed for seamless flow of profiles, data and tasks to easily be updated and utilized. New work order process and scheduling tools allow for real-time delivery of job files, status updates and job completion records, as well as navigation and scheduling assistance.


Utilizing Advanced Nutrient Management practices                         

Learn how to evolve you current fertility program beyond just your soil test data. See demonstrations on incorporating your Yield analysis data as well as data and user derived Management Zones to feed into the recommendation process. Also get a tour of several other data driven utilities that will allow the users complete flexibility within their fertility Rx setup process.


Data Analysis: Put Your Layers to Work

What is your data telling you? Find out how different data sets may help lead to different answers or questions. Take advantage of various analysis tools focused on normalization of data, organization by trait and variety as well as trends within your data to help aid in the management zone analysis process.


Planning for Success                                                                                                 

Take an advanced look at how to setup detailed field records and crop plans. Know what happened when and where and who was involved. Get detailed reports and year-end summaries, as well as expected revenue, cost and net profit margins. See how unique integrated functions to data layers and completed work order jobs allow for easy entry of field records.


Workflow Management: What To Do and How To Get There

Get a better perspective on the job setup and workflow process. Take advantage of unique features to organize, filter and schedule out open jobs. Understand the setup and workflow that goes into the advanced integration between the Merchant Ag E.R.P. solution and the FieldAlytics GIS platform. Real-time connectivity ensures no job is missed or manually keyed in.


From the Driver’s Seat

Ben Carlisle – Agricultural Technology Manager, Greenpoint Ag

Hear from a client’s perspective how FieldAlytics is used in their operation daily. See how taking advantage of integrations with Winfield’s Data Silo and Farmobile effect their everyday business.


Looking Ahead                                                                                                             

In this session see the upcoming tools, features and products that are being planned and developed into the EFC FieldAlytics suite. Gain insight on what is in the pipeline for development in the next year.

Navigating Feed Regulations – Gary Huddleston, A.F.I.A.

VFDs – Where are we now?  Come learn from a recognized leader in the feed industry as we discuss the Veterinary Feed Directive and what to expect from a regulatory inspection.


Fueling the Future                                                                                            

Join us as we showcase the new Oil & Energy module of Merchant Ag with truck based mobility.


The Long and Short of it – Real-time Grain Accounting                               

Join us as we discuss all aspects of a grain merchandising operation from the contracting throughout the receiving and shipping to the position risk management and accounting for market fluctuations.  We’ll showcase the new, comprehensive Merchant AgTM Commodity & Grain Merchandising Module designed to provide accurate, real-time commodity risk management.


Agronomy Innovations                                                                                                   

Join us as we examine some important features including advancements in Liquid Blending, compliance reporting and integration with automated fertilizer blenders.


Empower Customers with Access to their Data                             

What can you offer the grower to keep them engaged with your organization?. Come join us as we discuss how the Customer Portal can assist you in staying relevant and connected with your growers.


Building a strong Foundation                                                                     

Designed for the newer users, discover some fundamental Merchant Ag skills every user needs to know.


Managing Inventory Effectively                                                                               

Examine ways to better manage your inventory and meet your customers’ needs. Identify functionality such as Purchase Contracts and Order Replenishment that assist you in staying on top of inventory needs.


In and out: Ways to improve customer engagement                

Streamline your billing process and keep your customer happy.   Solve common pain points with two step direct orders, new EMV chip card readers, and quick discounts on sales orders.


Back Office / Financial Topics                                                                     

Valuable functionality you may not be using. Come see these key features guaranteed to assist any back office clerk in working more effectively.


Work where the work is                                                                                                 

A review of the next generation of mobility features to help you stay plugged into information away from the office.


Moving forward

In this session you’ll learn more about the development roadmap for the coming year.


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