About EFC

EFC Systems delivers innovative software solutions throughout the entire Agribusiness supply chain. Our passionate team members employ modern technologies and anticipate industry trends to provide our client partners the tools and insight they need to manage their business.

That mission statement succinctly conveys who we are. Focused on Agribusiness with clients across the country we are well equipped to be a single vendor solution for all your Agribusiness solution needs. Whether you are a Cooperative or a “for profit” operation, wholesale or retail, single location or hundreds of locations we have first hand experience that you’ll find beneficial as you consider options.

Message from the President

In this rapidly changing landscape I’m proud to be the leader of a company so well equipped to address the technology needs of Agribusiness. As you dialog with us you will find that we have industry leading solutions to address your needs but more importantly we have a first class staff well versed in Agribusiness that enables us to function as your partner rather than your vendor. With numerous client relationships going back 20+ years we know most companies seek to have a strong partner they can rely on to help them keep up with their changing needs.

The single most important theme that has fueled our development, and that is my personal passion, relates to using otherwise boring accounting information to provide the information needed to better manage your business. Our solutions help you look good in managing your customers but also help you manage your business from a place of useful information, or insight if you will. We look forward to hearing your story and how one of our solutions can serve you.