Merchant Ag is a real time point of sale and accounting software solution for Agribusinesses. Its robust platform is perfect for both large and small enterprises, providing managers with the tools needed to set policies and reducing the need for decision making at the point of sale. Merchant Ag is designed to address those unique aspects of agribusiness such as farmer tax exempt, restricted use products, prepaids, payroll, and patronage for retailers and cooperatives across the United States.

E.R.P. for Retail


Merchant Ag was designed from the perspective of good managerial accounting practices. Developed as part of the complete suite of modules the financial capability provides strong audit and traceability features. Since Merchant Ag is a fully on-line, real-time system throughout the entire system you have an up to minute view of your financial information. In our design, accounting is not a module so much as a design approach throughout the entire system. As a live system you are able to know your financial position without waiting for batch updates.


Merchant Ag can address all of your agronomy needs, from fertilizer formulation to seed and chemicals. Merchant Ag provides you with the tools needed to manage chemical and technology license restrictions, field and vehicle tracking, and dry and liquid fertilizer formulation all while providing you with a real-time schedule of deliveries and production. Of course, inventory, customer transactions and your financials are all in sync real-time. Contact us to schedule your personalized conversation and demonstration of the Agronomy features in Merchant Ag.


The Merchant Ag Feed Manufacturing features give you the ability to monitor costs, prices, schedule production, and control formulas, all real time. Merchant Ag interfaces with feed formulation software as well as feed controllers. Contact us to schedule your personalized demonstration for feed production and accounting features in Merchant Ag.

Commodity & Grain Merchandising

We’ve worked closely with grain industry professionals to deliver a comprehensive Commodity & Grain Merchandising solution that operates seamlessly with our ERP system. Our Grain module manages all daily aspects of your grain operation from contracting to scale operations to real-time position risk management utilizing a modern interface designed to efficiently capture transactions. We provide accurate accounting for market fluctuations and directly interface with Agronomy and Feed Manufacturing processes. Minimize your risk exposure utilizing these advanced features:
  • Market Price Interfaces
  • Mark-to-Market Accounting
  • Customizable Merchandising Periods
  • Contract Site Allocations and Slippage Tracking
  • Producer Contract Approvals via Web Portal
  • Real-Time DPR Monitors with Transactional Drill-Down
  • Continuous Average Basis Ownership Monitoring
  • Comprehensive, Accurate, and Granular Reporting package

Oil & Energy

The Oil & Energy module in Merchant Ag is a complete system designed to manage all aspects of your business including: tank management, automatic order generation (using Julian and Degree Day calculations), delivery dispatching and routing, delivery billing including settlement to Petroleum centric methods such as Budget Billing and Energy Assistance, fuel purchasing and fuel excise taxation. Merchant Ag also interfaces to several Pump Island fuel controllers such as, FleetHead Office, Passport, RMS, Triple E, Petrovend, and Gasboy. We also integrate directly into the fuel delivery truck using our MAg Express mobility platform. Contact us to schedule your personalized conversation and demonstration of the Agribusiness Oil and Energy features in Merchant Ag.


The rural life segment of Agribusiness continues to expand. We have created tools in Merchant Ag to help you control inventory, buying just the right amount at the right time; price correctly; monitor margins and provide a fast, easy to use sales order process. Contact us to schedule your personalized conversation and demonstration of the Agribusiness Retail features in Merchant Ag.


In terms of support EFC Systems has a strong offering of support not only for our software solutions but also for network infrastructure. Our expertise spans servers, connectivity and end user network devices done both on a limited as needed basis as well as full outsourcing relationships to handle all aspects of supporting your organization's technology solutions. Just as some organizations like a single software partner across all functional areas, some organizations find it beneficial to have a single partner that can provide the software as well as be responsible for the infrastructure. This speaks to our commitment to take ownership of and help ensure 100% up-time for your operations.


With the shift in where people work, we have a variety of tools for use when outside of the premises that extend the functionality of Merchant Ag. With functionality for customers as well as employees we know the modern worker needs access to many aspects of the enterprise system. Location becomes less important with these tools.

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