A Word From Our Founder and President

For over 30 years, EFC Systems has delivered innova­tive software solutions throughout the entire agribusi­ness supply chain. Our business through ERP and field data manage­ment solutions improve operational efficiencies for ag retailers, wholesalers as well as farm profitability for growers. Our well-versed team operates on the belief that business requirements are not static. We must evolve to meet the demands of today while exceeding the demands of the future.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Ernie Chappell

President & Founder

Mike Moore

Executive Vice President

Phil Draude

VP Sales

Justin Maxwell

VP Finance

Greg Baldwin

SVP Product Management – ERP

Alan Brady

SVP Client Services – ERP

Carl Kinghorn

SVP Software Development – ERP

Cindy Kelly

SVP Managed Operations – ERP

Jeremy Wilson

S.V.P. Product Evangelist

Eric Anderson

VP Software Innovation – ERP

John Correnti

VP Infrastructure Services – ERP

Jessica Itsede

VP Support – ERP

Mark Mayes

VP Data Services – ERP

Ben Sloan

SVP Product – DAS

Kyle Owen

SVP Client Services – DAS

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