Precision Agronomy

Field Data Management

Making Precision Agriculture Simple
EFC Precision Agronomy is designed to improve operational efficiencies, generate more revenue per machine/man and provide a higher level of service to its customers. EFC Precision Agronomy allows the user to manage growers, farms, fields, and boundary profiles online, live track assets, process equipment as-applied layers, planter layers, veris data, yield maps, aerial Imagery and other data layers. It also allows users to manage work orders for application, soil sampling and most other field operational services.

Profile Management

  • Dealer, Business Unit, Location, Grower (Client), Farm, Field
  • Manage client, farm and field profiles, field boundaries, field notes and logged data (as-applied, as-planted, yield, etc.)
  • Generate summary reports for farm and field maps and data summary books and more...

Telematics/Asset Management

  • Manage moving and fixed assets, provides instant alerts, geo fencing, speed, time and maintenance logs
  • Tracking services with Garmin Dispatch plug-in allows you to receive up to the minute vehicle location, speed, and direction of travel, distance traveled, time to stop, idle times, number of stops, and provides two way text messaging capabilities.

Work Order Management

  • The only system with the ability to track equipment, manage work orders, and generate reports in a single database.
  • Allows you to manage all work orders including variable rate applications to reduce the risk of misapplication.
  • Easily setup, filter, schedule and monitor the work flow for your entire operation.

Management Zone Creation

  • Create management zones from soil type, veris, yield, imagery, and other data types
  • Create variable rate seeding, fertilizer and other applications from these zones
  • Save multiple management zones for future reference
  • Use automated, custom or manual drawing tools
Advanced Data Analysis
EFC Precision Agronomy's Fertility and Data Analysis engine is designed to improve efficiencies in new or existing Precision Ag businesses and is your complete, flexible and efficient Precision Ag software solution. Used for soil sample management, the EFC Precision Agronomy solution makes file management easy and accurate, allowing you to import data analysis results for easy use within the web system. As an added benefit, the precision agronomy platform electronically imports and communicates analysis results from dozens of top Analytical Soil labs to make the transfer of information as seamless as possible.

Soil Fertility

  • Elemental Analysis Reports and Ratings
  • Soil Lab Integration and Alerts
  • Lab and Custom Equation Setup
  • Precise VRT Recommendation Generation
  • Machine specific Prescription File Exporting
  • Wireless File Transfer to connected Equipment and API services


  • Desktop Uploader for mass data ingestion
  • Automatic Data Linking and Sorting
  • Unassociated Data Associator
  • Detailed Email Alerts

Spatial Analysis

  • Multi-Year Yield Normalization
  • VRT Yield Nutrient Removal Analysis
  • Multi-Variable Data Comparisons
  • Imagery Analysis (NDVI, NIR, Natural Color)


FieldAlytics Records module allows easy creation of action items and events for the field. The simple, time saving design allows for easy creation and report generation. The calendar based interface is the backbone for the simple and easy viewing of all action items and events to be on display, with optional navigation by year or month to any historic record items under a grower. Custom filters and preferences allow for users to isolate and find events, while advanced reporting allows for in-depth analysis to occur for all items within your selected season or date range. A wide range of event action types helps to intuitively keep track of application events, harvest, planting, sampling and other actions as well as costs, personnel and equipment used across fields. Optional Quick Check functionality provided by C.D.M.S. offers enhanced label checking when utilizing chemical applications to ensure compliance with regulations.

Simple to use

  • Calendar-based interface promotes easy navigation and viewing of actions
  • Pre-defined templates assist with event record population
  • User defined preferences, defaults and settings

Integrated Services

  • Job set and creation from completed Work Orders
  • Record detail and totals from Harvest, As-Applied and Planter layers
  • Compliancy services from C.D.M.S. Quick-Check application

Advanced Reporting

  • Seasonal cost, equipment, product and personnel summaries
  • Detailed Action summaries
  • Break-even analysis and income reporting


FieldAlytics mobile Scouter is the simplistic and efficient way to keep track of in-season scouting events. Built atop of the Records module backbone, it has advanced functionality for creating detailed observations and recommendations utilizing the FieldAlytics mobile application to incorporate integrated GPS location services, field data layers as well as pre-populated product, pest and crop databases. Advanced use of the GPS services also allows for a detailed Scout Path to be defined as well as geo-tagged photos to be marked and used with the map reports. Users can create field reports direct from the mobile device to assist with communication direct to the farm manager or grower before ever leaving their property, thus saving time and energy, but also enhancing their communication to the client. Observations can be defined and associated at the field level, specific region (drawn, GPS logged or selected data analysis layer), or marked to a specific point in the field. This unique and agile flexibility allows users to then also tie an application treatment or recommendation back to specific areas in the field or generically to the entirety of the field. Optional Quick Check functionality provided by C.D.M.S. offers enhanced label checking when utilizing chemical application products in the Recommendation setup to ensure compliance with regulations.

Building Standards

  • Preset pick lists enable continuity and accuracy from one action event to the next
  • Commonly used products, crops and pests are set to the top
  • User defined preferences, defaults and settings

Integrated Solutions

  • GPS usage for geo-tagged photos
  • GPS logged Scout Path to ensure accuracy within scout process
  • Compliancy services from C.D.M.S. Quick-Check application

Advanced Features

  • Mobile reporting direct from the field to the grower
  • Point, Region or Field Level observation and recommendation services
  • Utilization of all field spatial data layers to drive observation process

Integrated Services

FieldAlytics partners with other services to expand features and functionality with the web platform. These integrations allow FieldAlytics users the ability to utilize or enroll their fields for these programs while never leaving the web platform. Partners include MerchantAg for ERP accounting solutions, imagery service and capture providers, Soil Labs for integrated analysis result transfer and recommendations as well as many other services.


  • Seamless transfer of vital client, field, product and job details.
  • Word Order jobs flow directly into MerchantAg to provide access to products, services, customers and inventory levels.
  • Accepted Work Order jobs are sent to MerchantAg and then created as new batches.
  • Invoiced Batches on MerchantAg are returned as completed jobs in FieldAlytics.

Imagery Providers

  • Fields can be enrolled into one of several Imagery providers including Geovantage, Satshots, and MavRx.
  • Imagery requests and captures can be scheduled or ordered from direct the FieldAlytics interface.
  • Notifications to the user are sent out when new images arrive allowing for immediate use and analysis on the imagery layers.

Other Services

  • Lab Partners allow for the seamless flow of sampling data to the FieldAlytics platform for use within the VRT Fertility analysis process.
  • Fields can be enrolled in to Adapt-N for advanced VRT Nitrogen Recommendations.
  • Integration with Raven Slingshot and MyJohnDeere provide wireless data transfers to and from the equipment and promotes the passage of logged machine data files as well as live asset tracking services.
  • Enrolled Farmobile equipment provides detailed information of events that occur on a field including application data and equipment stats.

EFC Precision Agronomy Mobile

Innovative, Professional Soil Sampling Software
The EFC Precision Agronomy Mobile increases the speed and accuracy of the soil sampling process. It makes file management easy and accurate; allowing data from mapping and sampling devices to synchronize to the web system wirelessly from the field. The Mobile platform syncs data wirelessly from the field, eliminating a trip to the office, saving time, allowing jobs to be completed faster, and operations to better manage work flow. When paired with our advanced Fertility Analysis Program, the Mobile platform integrates with soil labs, lab equations and custom equations to seamlessly move collected fields samples and setup job details back to the web platform. In the field, it allows users to create grower maps for boundaries and submit them wirelessly to the web system. The Mobile platform also allows retail organizations to organize events and wirelessly move sample points to the Mobile unit for sample collection and then to wirelessly submit the completion back to the EFC Precision Agronomy Mobile work order system. Work order status changes then automatically get emailed to the appropriate people within the organization. Mobile is built for Scouting. Being able to utilize the full hardware set of the device, Scouter events have never been more precise. Observations can be taken to a particular point of the field while utilizing the camera to collect a snapshot to add greater detail of the observation. Recommendations can be created on the spot. Reports can be generated and sent out before even leaving the field.

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