Merchant Ag is an E.R.P. system specifically designed to address the unique aspects for agricultural retailers spanning agronomy, grain, energy, feed, management insights, and digital engagement. Its robust platform is perfect for both large and small enterprises to maximize efficiency.

The Benefits of Merchant Ag

  • Manage your Account and View Historical Data

    With access to self-help tools your growers can research past purchases, review details on their account, make payments via ACH, and enter orders through a portal. Additionally, employees can access inventory, serve the needs of growers while in the field, create purchase orders, and other functions so they can work where the work is.

  • Reduce Risk and Solve Problems Before They Occur

    Reducing your overall risk is critical and our compliance, HAZMAT, DOT paperwork and rich credit management features can help alter and avoid potential problems before they occur.

  • Streamline Logistics

    Stay efficient with features like agronomy logistics, electronic B2B for e-fulfillment, document imaging and AP workflow. Our data tools and viewing capability enables your team to easily dissect data to provide more meaningful insights in every aspect of your business.

  • Increase Your Bottom Line

    Managing margins, factoring in rebates, and providing visibility into peak times of activity helps you make better pricing, purchasing and staffing decisions to increase your bottom line.

  • Comprehensive and Single Vendor Solutions

    Rest assured we provide comprehensive solutions for both business and field systems that ultimately reduces the number of software providers required to run your business while fully integrating each system to streamline your operations.

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What Can Merchant Ag Do For You?

See how Merchant Ag can help your division become more efficient while driving profitability.

See How Merchant Ag Can Maximize Your Efficiency

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